• barley farms




    barley farms is a new specialty foods purveyor

    located in the village of claverack in new york's hudson valley.


    our mission is to reinterpret the traditional shortbread recipe for a modern palette.

    our product is small batch produced using the freshest available local ingredients.

    throughout the course of the year we produce nine varieties of shortbread.

    each plate of shortbread is hand mixed, cut, and packaged.


    keep an eye out for us in the summer of 2019 at your local upstate new york farmers' markets.

    we're planning some surprise pop-ups with our new products!




    we source our flours, dairy products, and sweeteners from local farms and cooperatives.
    spices and other products not native to our region are sourced from the highest quality producers and fair trade suppliers as close to home as possible as well as from our local organic markets.


    small batch | handmade


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  • barley farms


    po box 273 claverack, ny 12513


    what's your favorite shortbread?